Bob Kowalczyk
President & Founder

As a die casting engineer with more than 35 years of experience in prototype and low volume casting production, I have a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges you, as a designer, face.

Come see us at the Design2Part Show at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, ILBooth 223, May 8 and 9.

You will have the opportunity to view a variety of prototype castings in aluminum and zinc. Aluma Cast Foundry focuses on creating aluminum and zinc prototypes slated for eventual die cast production. Don’t be surprised to find that our prototype castings look like production die castings. Creating parts that accurately simulate the performance characteristics of die cast production parts is our specialty. By providing you with  expert guidance on your prototype project ensures a successful outcome. Ask us about our low volume, a few hundred castings, production capability. You will have the opportunity to see and handle some of the many castings on display in our booth. We look forward to speaking with you at the Design2Part show next month.

Design2Part is the midwest region’s largest design & Contract manufacturing trade show. The show is the most efficient place to meet hundreds of high-quality American suppliers of custom  parts, stock parts, and manufacturing services. From design and prototypes to production, finishing and assemblies — you will find the answers you need at this show.

Aluma Cast offers a unique blend of artistry in metals and engineering expertise. The result is a deep appreciation and understanding of the designer’s work and the challenges he faces. Knowing that design changes are integral to the design/prototyping process, we make every effort to work with you to allow for changes ensure a successful end product.

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