Bob Kowalczyk
President & Founder

As a die casting engineer with more than 35 years of experience in prototype and low volume casting production, I have a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges you, as a designer, face.

A Designer’s Guide to Prototyping

We've put this guide together for design engineers to better understand how prototyping affects the outcome of a design; the issues involved, the importance of selecting the right prototyping method and some of the pitfalls that can lead to what we call CLE's (Career Limiting Errors) and how to avoid them. For seasoned designers we hope that this guide will serve as a simple reminder of things forgotten and things that might be related to changes in prototyping technology. In either case we hope you will find it useful and we welcome any suggestions to make this guide to continue to be relevant in a constantly evolving technical environment.

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Aluma Cast offers a unique blend of artistry in metals and engineering expertise. The result is a deep appreciation and understanding of the designer’s work and the challenges he faces. Knowing that design changes are integral to the design/prototyping process, we make every effort to work with you to allow for changes ensure a successful end product.

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