Bob Kowalczyk
President & Founder

As a die casting engineer with more than 35 years of experience in prototype and low volume casting production, I have a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges you, as a designer, face.

Remember, no two parts or projects are identical. Therefore, can a part be prototype cast in two days? Absolutely! Does that mean your part can be cast in the shortest possible time? Not necessarily. To avoid unforeseen complications that can derail a well-designed part, it is best if you work in concert with a trusted prototyper early in your design process.

At Aluma Cast we look at a part design from the manufacturability perspective. We ask some of the following questions:

  • Is the part going to be machined after casting?
  • Will the part be coated?
  • Is heat treating being considered?
  • Are there mating parts?
  • What are the tolerances for the mating parts?
  • What mechanical stresses will the part be subjected to?
  • What temperature variances will the part be exposed to?
  • What aluminum alloy have you chosen for the product part?
  • How many parts will be needed for production?
  • How soon will the first castings be needed?
  • Will the production part be die cast?
  • Does the production quantity required justify die casting?

Remember, if time is of the essence, you can get production-quality castings in quantities to meet the immediate demand for parts to avoid holding up initial production. Alumacast can also provide production parts in sizeable quantities on a just-in-time basis to meet long term parts requirements.

Call us if you have any questions, we are in business to give you the best prototype aluminum casting solution. We want our customers satisfied. Satisfied customers keep coming back.

Aluma Cast offers a unique blend of artistry in metals and engineering expertise. The result is a deep appreciation and understanding of the designer’s work and the challenges he faces. Knowing that design changes are integral to the design/prototyping process, we make every effort to work with you to allow for changes ensure a successful end product.

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